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Welcome to LDN CBD, a London based company dedicated to providing people with plant-based products that improve their lives.

We see the body as being like a garden. To keep it healthy and to reach your potential, you need to tend to it a little every day to help it bloom. Our focus is to support holistic health and wellbeing, performance and beauty with our range of 100% natural Broad Spectrum CBD products.

Our range below includes a variety of lovingly crafted CBD oils, CBD massage oils, CBD skin care, and CBD edibles.

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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural compound extracted from the hemp plant. Cannabidiol is actually one of more than one hundred different compounds or cannabinoids found in cannabis. It is proven to be safe, legal and mimics natural endocannabinoids found in our own human bodies.

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Why choose LDN CBD?

Our mission is to support holistic health and wellbeing, performance and beauty with our range of plant-based, rigourously tested products.

Tracked from seed to sale

When you are choosing CBD the most important thing to look for is quality.

Here at LDN CBD we are proud to say we are committed to the highest quality standards.

All our CBD is grown in sunny Colorado and bottled in our home town of London. Colorado has a history of pioneering in the hemp industry and leading the way with quality control. Our supply chain allows us to track our CBD 'from seed to sale' - from the acre our plant was grown in to the bottle on our shelves.

All our products have batch numbers for identification and we double-lab test our CBD to avoid inconsistencies. We publish our lab certificates alongside our products on our website.

The rich, natural goodness of the hemp plant

As well, as being organically grown, our CBD is non-GMO and it does not include any heavy metals, pesticides, or solvents. We test for all major allergens. It is suitable for vegans and it is gluten-free. Our CBD is also 0% THC so it is legal in the UK.

Moreover, our CBD oils are "Broad spectrum" with isolates of pure CBD only. This means that they also include the rich and natural goodness of the hemp plant in vitamins, minerals, flavanoids, terpenes and other micronutrients.