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LDN CBD create and deliver legal cannabis products to frontline workers, medical patients and communities.


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SECTORS Food & Beverage Mixed Digital/Non-Digital Mixed B2B/B2C


TYPE Equity
VALUATION (pre-money) £9M


  • Launching a natural health products e-bike delivery service across London
  • Worldwide distribution covers Europe, USA and Japan
  • Working with frontline workers and military veterans in the UK
  • Pioneering team launched one of the first shops in UK for CBD



We are LDN CBD, a London-based specialist retailer renowned for our market leading products which we sell across the UK, Europe, USA, Japan and Hong Kong. Over the past three and half years we have built a global customer base.

We prioritised making our high-quality CBD available and affordable to key demographics: frontline workers and carers, those with terminal illnesses and medicinal users and those that are eligible for a Cancard. We are a known partner to these industries because we have always complied within the law and best practice, even before regulations were put into place.

In London we are launching an electric bike delivery service that means our CBD products are available within an hour in the catchment areas. This is a pioneering service and has grown from our commitment to provide the best service we can to those in need.

We are for the people and the planet, with a pioneering brand ethos, incredible product range, world leading team and unique ethical commitment.


LDN CBD has been at the forefront of the mass adoption of legal cannabinoid products as we opened the UK’s first dedicated CBD shop in July 2018 in Camden Town, followed shortly by the creation and promotion of a select range of high quality products. Renowned for our market leading products we gained early coverage from over 45 mainstream media outlets including repeated reports from The BBC, Sky News, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Vogue and GQ. We reached global audiences with reports in France, South Africa, and Cambodia.

This coverage revolved around our pioneering work, quality products and focus on improving people's lives with our commitment to ‘cannabis for care’. With a considered and customer focussed approach, we have also achieved an outstanding 5/5 customer satisfaction Feefo rating, highlighting our dedicated approach to our customers.

In addition to our innovative product range, we have assembled a highly experienced and diverse international team of entrepreneurs, global brand builders and health care specialists who all use our products and can attest to their efficacy. As brand ambassadors ourselves we are committed to growing a community-centric, eco-friendly offering which aims to change the shape of the cannabis industry for good. We have collective knowledge in growing businesses at pace, as well as wholesale distribution in USA, Japan, and Europe. We are poised to become a global brand. 


- Our efficient supply chain means we offer the best quality products at competitive prices. We also choose our stockists carefully to be in line with our brand ethos and values.

- We will offer a last mile delivery service with electric bikes, through our partnership with a dispatch company, within major cities in the UK, starting with London. This will mean that anyone can get their CBD when they need it delivered directly, instead of having to visit a shop or wait for the post.

- We track our CBD, which means we know exactly where the plant was grown, right down to the acre and include batch numbers on all our products for our customers to benefit from our “seed to shelf” tracking.

- Our current business model has 3 core strands: ecommerce, last mile delivery, and worldwide wholesale for select retailers. Our aim is to increase our global wholesale in the US to 10,000 retail outlets. Expand our distribution in other countries and extend our delivery service across the UK.


- Our funds will allow us to offer a 1 hour delivery service of CBD products within major UK cities, starting with London.

- We will extend our product range within the UK beyond edible oils.

- We will expand wholesale operations in the US, amplifying brand awareness and concreting brand loyalty through a funnelled marketing strategy.

- Investment will support an expansion of our internal team, including the opportunity for some of our advisory board to dedicate more time to our joint cause.

- If we overfund we will commit further funds to product development for products that are designed to treat pain and trauma. We will also expand our international footprint.

LDN CBD has a mission to make cannabinoids accessible to those that need them most, disrupting the current CBD market with incredible products and an important environmental awareness. With a growing community, we are ready to scale rapidly. Join us on our journey to change the CBD industry.

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